Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Different Than the Rest

As the story continues, I must tell you that Little Prince Brennan wanted so desperately to be just like all of the other village children.

He begged and pleaded with his dear mother, the lovely Queen that he may attend school with all of the other commoner children.

His Mother, loving and caring told her dear Brennan that it could not be so. "How will you get to the village at the bottom of the hill in due time?"she asked him. He replied to his dear Mother, ohhh moma I will take our finest horse and ride quickly to school.
His Mother laughed, and said, oh yes my dear if only you could, but the last time you tried to ride the horse, you got hurt so badly that I couldn't bear that you would ride the horse. Perhaps you could ride a donkey like all of the other children do.

But little Prince Brennan was so persistent, and he continued to beg and plead with his dear Moma until finally she gave in.
But there was a condition (and there always is when Moma finally does say yes)....."You must prove to me that you can ride the fine horse, by riding him through the court yard, in front of all of the servants and staff."

Young Brennan was so excited, and as the staff and servants lined the courtyard to watch young Brennan ride, he started running circles around the yard jumping with glee!

I get to ride the fine horse! I get to ride the fine horse, and then.......

He tripped and fell onto the cobble stone court yard and skinned both his knees. It truly was a bloody mess of skin, dirt and pain, such awful pain....

And Moma, the lovely Queen, tried so desparately not to laugh, but unfortunately it was so funny and she lost all control and howled as her son held back the tears and stood as brave as a little prince could.

So the lovely Queen moma, decided that yes he should go to school with the commoners, but not on the fine horse as he so wished, but rather, she decided it was best that he rode the
"Short Donkey" to school. At least then, she was sure that he would be safe, and the donkey would be safe too!

The rest of the story is still untold, stay tuned!

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