Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to School, and fate was to be.....

And so it was, another untold truth, little Prince Brennan was allowed to go to school.

So with his bandaged knees and donkey in tow, off he went to his first day of school in the village at the bottom of the hill.

It was going to be a long trek down, winding back and forth and around the hill. But he didn't mind at all, he walked proudly to school while the donkey carried his bound lot of books and a huge lunch to share with the other children.

As he walked along he played fiercely with his wooden sword fashioned just for him by the Knights that guarded the castle gate. He would often try to play with the real swords but they were just too heavy for him, and with his history of injury, the knights thought it best that he play with a smaller wooden one instead.

Prince Brennan was easy to accept his fate as was decided for him. For he knew that one day he too would be a Knight and would guard his dear Mother the Queen and of course his dear father the King just as the guards did, for Prince Brennan was a dutiful child.

Though he could not understand having to protect them, for his father was wise, strong and very powerful. His father told him of many strengths that would come to Prince Brennan and he wanted his father to be proud.

His father also told him of great demons and evil gods of old from far away lands that would someday return for vengeance and try again to conquer this wonderful land of La La. He told his son of the great story teller who knew the truths of the future and told of what was to come. He told his son to listen carefully to the story tellers for they could foresee all, and had the power to change the story to preserve the truth!

So as he walked on he yelled out to the cloudy skies above, wielding his sword,

" I call upon you Linoxeous and Javatellious come forth and meet your demise, for I am soon to be the King and highest Knight of Lala Land and I will protect the kingdom and and all of my people"

Then suddenly a big gust of wind shook the trees around him and the donkey bucked high in the air as high as a short donkey could.

With his eyes wide open he glanced around him and yelled out even louder " Well not right now! I'm still just a kid!" and suddenly the wind died down and all was calm again. For a brief moment he contemplated his power to stop them already and was eager to test his strengths again, but then suddenly the strangest thing....

He could smell something sweet....even the donkey was sniffing the air....what is that smell he asked himself? It smells like sweet cake from the bakers oven, and icing sugar and chocolate and muffins, ohhhh sweet muffins......where was it coming from at the top of this hill and there were no bake ovens in siight?

He continued to stick his nose in the air, sniffing in every the left, to the right, to the North, to the South, yet he couldn't figure where it was coming from. Yet the more he smelled the more he wanted to know where it was coming from.

As the story always goes, poor little Prince Brennan was not paying attention and as he walked around with his nose in the air he tripped over a big rock and down he went!

But he didn't stop!!!!!

He rolled and he tumbled down the hill, and he went head over heels and end over end and around and over and he wasn't stopping and the more he rolled the more speed he made and as he said ow ohh ow, and ow again he still continued to tumble.

Til finally he was at the bottom of the hill with his face in the grass. Everything hurt so badly and as he tried to roll over he could feel the big bump on his head, all he wanted to do was cry, but as he looked up spitting bits of grass from his mouth, there stood the sweetest little village girl.

She was a dark haired beauty even at her young age and already they called her the fairest of the land and far fairer than the fabled beauty Miss Snowwhite.

Her name was Krysten with a Y for they wanted no mistake made as to who they spoke of, for many maidens were named Kristen but they could not be named Krysten for she was the fairest and it was only she who could possess the Y! The Y was a gift from the fairies of Sugarland where Krysten had been born.

So there she stood over Prince Brennan and she smiled and batted her pretty little eyes at him.

As he looked up at her, all he could think of was "yeeaauk, a girl" for he had not yet discovered their power. He continued to look at her and asked her " Do you have any muffins or cookies?" for the smell still floated around him and he was sure she must have something in that basket she carried.

She smiled again and giggled, as she helped him to his feet and brushed him off.
"Silly Little Prince" she giggled again, "it's just my pet chicken in the basket"

By this time, the short donkey had made his way down the hill and together the three of them walked the short distance to school.....

Amazingly as they walked along, the clouds parted in the sky to unveil a a beautiful azure blue heart directly above them.

Unbeknownst to them the story had begun...

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